Consulting Assignments

The principles and associates of DMI have made significant contributions over the years to a cross section of industries: manufacturing, services, textiles, fashion, retail, entertainment, insurance, banking, education, agriculture, food, communications, IT and government. We have also worked with many different cultures and countries around the world including: Europe, China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, India, America, Middle East and Australia.

Project Examples

China Investment Fund — Real Estate and Agriculture

Conceived and founded a prestigious private placement closed−end Fund benefiting from strategic opportunities in China’s economic development.

New Women’s Bank — International Financial Services Franchise

Developed business case and planned master strategy for a new financial services retail bank targeting the needs of women in business.

Tourism Master Plan — Malaysian State Government

Commissioned to review and plan, for State Government in Malaysia a tourism industry strategy. Highlights of the report include: Recommendations based on world trends, strategic positioning of the State in a competitive market, defining a realistic vision, practical and concise action plan to achieve objectives.

Corporate Business Plan and Development Strategy — Textile Manufacturer

Analyse and review current programs and plan and develop strategies for new start up e-textile manufacturing company. World first!

Corporate Strategy and Commercialisation Plan — IT Company

Melbourne based fibre optic R&D company seeking to commercialise its core technology. Commissioned to review and evaluate current business model and plans and develop an overall new strategic business plan.

Business Plan — Leading Centre For Adult Education

Reviewed current plans and programs, interviewed staff and other stakeholders, developed new innovative business plan and high−level recommendations to the organization.

Membership Review — Leading National Political Party

Undertook as part of a committee team the review and recommendation of the state of membership for a political party in Australia. Providing high−level advice and suggested strategic programs to maintain existing and increase new membership.

Strategic Business Development Plan — Internet Company

Singapore based Internet business seeking to expand its unique concept internationally. Commissioned to review, analyse and develop a strategic business plan to expand the company internationally and prepare it for an IPO.

Marketing Audit — International Aide Organization

Undertook review and audit of marketing function and programs and provided high level advice on re-organising marketing operations and inter department communications and operations.

Business Plan and Corporate Advise — National Non Profit Family Services Organization

Reviewed current plans and programs and developed new 5 year strategic business plan, as well as provide high level advice to CEO and different members of the board.

Operational Restructure — Global Entrepreneur’s Association

Planned new global framework for the expansion of an international business association. Defining more clearly global, regional and local functions and responsibilities for the re−allocation of resources.